Cabzor Branding

Branded vehicles operate a zero percent charge, we simply work for you at no cost.


Cabzor Branding

Enjoy Zero % Charges

Cabzor Branding

Branded vehicles operate a zero % charge, we simply work for you at no cost.

Benefits of having the Cabzor logo on your car?

Cabzor logo serves as a sign of quality that encourages customers to ride with you. The Cabzor logo validates our long term commitment with you. Branded vehicles get increased visibility. Cost of Branding is covered by us. We only deduct tax charge from our Branded ambassadors.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any registered cabzor driver can apply for Cabzor Branding but there are few technical and legal requirements pegged to this.

Be registered with Cabzor

Applicants must have an active registration with the Cabzor platform. This means they have signed up as a driver with the company.

Have a valid driver's license

Applicants need to possess a legally recognized driver's license. This ensures that they are legally permitted to operate a vehicle.

Provide proof of car ownership or a consent letter from the owner

To be eligible, drivers should either prove that they own the vehicle they intend to use for Cabzor services or provide a formal consent letter from the owner of the vehicle, allowing them to use it for Cabzor services.

Minimum of 50 weekly rides

Drivers applying for Cabzor Branding are required to meet a minimum of 50 weekly rides, this indicates that they have maintained a satisfactory performance level in their previous Cabzor trips.

Want to Brand your Vehicle?

You must be a registered Driver with Cabzor and Pass all requirements stated above.

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